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PACE 2020 | PACE Award Entry Fees


Completed and submitted applications received before the close of business (Detroit, MI USA) September 5th will incur the Standard Entry Fee of $2,000($USD). Entries accepted and/or modified for any reason after September 5th will incur an additional $600 Late Entry Fee.(Total  $2,600) 

For more information, or to request additional application materials, call +1 (313) 446-6039, or visit

Site Visits Requiring Extended Travel

Each entrant is asked to name a location for a day long on-site assessment for use if the company is selected as a PACE Award Finalist.

The ideal location allows the 2-3 person judging team to interact with team members and key stakeholders to gain first-hand knowledge of the innovation. Site visits are scheduled based upon judges' availability, travel constraints and the availability of the entrant's Finalist team .

If the entrant's requested location or timing cannot be completed within typical cost or scheduling, (e.g. extended distance/duration travel is required for the requested site visit, or the Finalist has a scheduling conflict on the date when the team will be in region, ) then the entrant will be requested by the Director of Judging to choose between conducting the site visit at an alternate time/location, or underwriting an additional cost to be determined at the sole discretion of the PACE program.

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