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PACE 2020 | Application Outline

Application � Part 1

1.      Title:

a.      The formal name of the innovation

2.      Executive Summary:

a.      Brief summary of the innovation, its essence, and significance. (Maximum 200-250 words)

3.      Date Launched:

a.      Approximate date for the first appearance of the innovation

4.      First Customer:

a.      Who is the first OEM customer for the innovation?Identify the initial vehicle program, SOP, estimated annual volumes, and forecasted market penetration of the innovation.

5.      Finalist Site Visit:

a.      If the application is selected as a Finalist, where the judging team will go to interact with the innovators and get an in-depth view of the innovation

6.      Website

a.      The address(es) of any Web page(s) dedicated to the innovation

7.      Business Unit Responsible for the Innovation

a.      Identifier (e.g. Division name) & Address

8.      Contact Information

a.      Mail, email, & telephone contact information for the application coordinator

Application � Part 2

1.      Innovation Narrative - Problem, Scope, Solution

a.      Expand on the Executive Summary supplied in Part 1 to develop a more complete narrative on the innovation.

         What problems (opportunities/business environment) created the need for the innovative solution?

1.      Examples include: New customer requirements, new material/manufacturing capability, regulatory compliance, competitor threat, etc.

2.      Use data to explain the scope of the issue

b.      Supplemental Questions for Information Technology entries

         Beyond Automation: How does this innovation go beyond implementing current industry best practices in software?

         Beyond Discipline: The typical IT project derives significant benefits from implementing process disciplines along with the effects of new technologies; What are the unique benefits that are attributable to this IT innovation?

         IT Footprint: How widely deployed is the innovation?


2.      Customer Acceptance:

a.      Identify the OEMs and vehicle programs that have committed to the Innovation.

         Indicate OEM, Program, Commitment Status, SOP, Volumes, and Penetration (Take-up Rate/Market Share)

3.      Competitive Impact:

a.      How does the innovation change the basis of competition?

         What makes this innovation a Game Changer

         Describe the competitive response

4.      Performance Measures:

a.      What were the critical measures / benchmarks / targets for this innovation and how did it perform against them?

         Using data, identify the significant quality, cost, (incl. CAPEX, OPEX, Unit Price, Op Margin, etc.) delivery, customer experience, environmental, cycle time, or other advantages of the innovation.

5.      Innovation Challenges:

a.      What were the significant obstacles in developing the innovation and bringing it to market?

         Describe the product, process, customer, materials and/or methods barriers that were overcome

         Briefly discuss the option(s) considered and the advantages of the chosen solution

6.      Co-Applicant:

a.      Indicate any external entities, if any, who contributed critical elements to the creation/development of the innovation.

         Major contributors (≥ ~40-50%) of critical innovation elements

7.      Patents and Awards:

a.      Describe significant proprietary elements that provide competitive �barriers to entry� and include noteworthy recognition received by the innovation

         List patents, pending or issued for this innovation

         List internal or external awards and dates received

8.      Other (Optional):

a.      Are there other elements about the innovation that were not covered in the prior questions.

9.      Collaboration (Optional):

a.      Does this innovation provide an example of extreme collaboration?

10.  Environmental (Optional):

a.      Does this innovation have a noteworthy environmental dimension?

Customer References

1.      Contact information on two OEM customer references along with an explanation as to the significance of their participation

Attachments & Supplemental Materials

1.      An on-line bill-of-materials for supplemental items including samples, CD/DVDs, printed brochures, etc.


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